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Coconut Ladoo

  Coconut  Laddu is a dense milk-based  sweet from the Indian subcontinent , and a type of  mithai. We can make laddus by various kinds of main ingredients but today I am           sharing my personal favorite recipe with you guys which is laddus by Desiccated coconut or nariyal ka burada ……..   Ingredients Desiccated Coconut :- 4 Cups Milk   :- 2 cups Sugar :-1.5 cups Ghee :- 2 tsp Milk powder :- 4 tsp Cardamom powder :-Half tsp Desiccated ladoo How to cook First heat 2 tsp ghee in a pan. Then add 4 cups of desiccated coconut and stir it on low heat. After about 5 minutes add 2 cups of milk and keep stirring on low flame. When the solution is thick add 1.5 cups of sugar. Add milk powder after 2 minutes. Finally, add cardamom powder and turn off the gas and let the mixture cool down. When the mixture cools down, make small balls by hand and give the shape of the laddoos and coat them with desiccated coconut. Now keep these laddoos in the


Kadhi or curry is an Indian dish. It is based on gram flour and dahi. It’s consists of a thick gravy and contains pakoras. It is often eaten by boiled or jeera rice or with chapati… Pakora Kadhi Ingredients for pakodi       Gram Flour - 150 gm       Red chili powder-1/2  T sp       Ginger paste-1/2 Tsp       Garlic paste 1/2 Tsp   Green chili – 1-2       Onion-1 small      Salt- as per taste       Oil – for frying How to make Pakodi Take gram flour add salt, red chili powder, green  chilies, onions and ginger-garlic paste and make a thick paste.      Keep oil in a pan to heat When the oil is well heated then make dumplings with as much lemon as… Ingredients for kadhi       Gram Flour - 200 gm   Curd - 250 gm   Turmeric -1 Tsp   Red chili powder-1 Tsp   Ginger paste-1 Tsp   Garlic paste 1 Tsp   Green chili – 3-4         Asafoetida -1 Pinch        Coriander - finely chopped        Pickle seasoning - 1 Tsp       Onion-1 small   Whole red

Panchmel Sabzi(Mixed Veg)

The dish which is cooked with the combination of more than two veggies is known as Panchmel Sabzi. It is a most famous and delicious Indian recipe and surprisingly children who never want to eat veggies are also loving this… Ingredient:- ·                       Potato-250 gm. ·                      Cauliflower-200gm. ·                     Peas-150 gm. ·                     Brinjal-4 ·                    Green coriander-100 gm. ·                   Green chilli-3-4 ·                   Mustard seeds-½ spoon ·                   Fenugreek -½ spoon ·                 Red chili powder-1 spoon ·                 Cumin-½ spoon ·                Fennel -½ spoon ·                Nigella seeds -½ spoon ·               Bay leaf-5 ·               Milk-100 gm. ·              Ghee or oil How to make:- Mixed vegetables   After heating ghee add bay leaf, fenugreek, mustard seeds cumin, fennel and nigella seeds in it.   When all these spices are roasted put

Masala Dosa

Masala dosa is a popular South Indian dish. Dosa is a very tasty dish that you can eat anytime. Dosa is very light to eat and it is also very easy to make. However, it originated in Udupi, Karnataka. But it is a dish that is eaten not only in India but in the world with great fervor. Although a lot of dosas are made, masala dosa and plain dosa are the most preferred. It can also be eaten at brunch, lunch, breakfast and in Dinner also as it is very easy to digest. Dosa is also low calorie. So let's learn how to make this favorite dish at home………. masala dosa Ingredients ·     Split Black gram (Urad daal) – 1 Cup ·     Rice – 3 Cup ·     Potato-½ kg. ·       Mustard seeds (Raai) - ½ tbsp ·     Turmeric powder-½   tbsp ·     coriander powder - 1 tbsp ·     Dried mango powder-½   tbsp ·     Red chili powder-½   tbsp ·     Asafetida(Heeng)- 1pinch ·     Salt–as per taste ·     Oil- to bake How to Cook 1. Soak the lentils and rice separ


Veg biryani is an aromic rice dish made by coking basmati rice with mix veggies, herbs and some spices. It only takes 30 minutes to prepare & makes a perfect meal for your kid’s lunch box.  I ngredients • 2 cups of rice • 2 onions • 1 cup peas • 2 carrots • 1 cup cheese pieces • 2 potatoes • 1 small flower of cauliflower • 2 green chilies • 1 piece ginger • 4 tomatoes • 4 tbsp Ghee vegetable biryani • 1 tbsp cashew nuts • ½ teaspoon cumin • ½ teaspoon red chilli powder • ½ teaspoon turmeric powder • 4 cloves • 4 small cardamom • 2 pieces of cinnamon • ½ teaspoon saffron • ½ cup milk • Salt to taste Method • Wash rice and put salt and lightly boil them. • Finely chop the onion. • Heat ghee in a pan. Put onion and fry in it. • Put cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and add cashew nuts after onions become pink. • Now add cumin and ginger and grind green chillies. • Fry a little bit and add grind tomatoes.

Mango marmalade(Murabba)

Summer is full of raw mangoes. People make chutney, pickle, murabba and unripe mango drink with raw mango. Today we are going to cook sweet and sour mango murabba. Which is very much liked by the kids. So let's cook kid’s favorite mango Murabba. Ingredients Raw mango- 1 kg. Sugar – 1 kg. Mango murabba Method Ø After peel off the Raw mangoes make cubes of it. Ø Then, to soften these cubes, make cotton cloth bins and put the cubes in it and put it in boiling water. Ø After being soft, remove the cubes from the water and prick them with the help of a fork. Ø Prepare syrup with sugar and water. The syrup should be of Two-string consistency. Ø When such consistency comes, then add the cubes of mango in it. Ø When the syrup is cooked well and the three-string consistency comes, then turn off the gas and add finely chopped cashews and almonds. Ø Cool and store it in airtight jars. Veg omelette  


A gujiya is a sweet deep-fried dumpling made with suji or maida and stuffed with a mixture of sweetened mawa and dried fruits. With origins in the Indian subcontinent. Gujiyas are also known as Purukiya, Karanji and Ghughra Ingredients Flour – 250 gm. Mawa – 200 gm. Raisins – 25 gm. Coconut – 25 gm. Sugar – 200 gm. Small cardamom – 10 gm. Chironji – 10 gm. Ghee – 50 gm. Silver paper – 3 or 4 Method MAKING GUJIYA PASTRY Ø Heat the ghee and put it in the flour and begin to knead. Ø Pour a little water according to need to form a bread crumb like texture. Ø Knead the dough till firm. Cover the dough with a moist cloth and keep aside for 30 minutes. Gujiya MAKING GUJIYA STUFFING Ø Roast mawa on medium flame. Ø When it cools down, add sugar, raisins, chironji, coconut and cardamom to it. ASSEMBLING AND MAKING GUJIYA RECIPE Ø When Mawa and Sugar are properly mixed, make Maida's small Ball. Ø Roll each ball with the rolling pin